What we can do for you...

We take your favourite photos or graphics, and engrave them into wood. These make great gifts or mementoes - something unique and special, that not everyone will have.

Your engraving can be framed for hanging on the wall, made into a table top, wooden sign or bed-head.

Photo to Engraving

All we need is a good quality photo or image as a .jpg file. Black & white or colour are both suitable. For signs we require a sketch of the design, wording, layout, letter style and finish. We will give estimates of cost and can produce a small sample of job before the final image is made.

Wooden images or signs can be sized from 50 x 50mm to 1000 x 2000mm. For larger items, we combine multiple panels to achieve the desired size.


This greatly depends on the final size, material used, finishing and type of frame. It can be anywhere from $30 upwards. You'll need to contact us, and let us know what size you want the engraving to be. We can then discuss the finishing details with you, and work out a price.

A litte bit of History

For a long time I had been thinking of automating my router, so that it could cut out shapes under computer control. When I read an article in the Shed magazine about someone that had done just that, it prompted me into action.

I did a bit of Web browsing and came across instructions on how to build your own Computer Numerical Controlled, CNC, gantry router. After studying the plans, I decided that I could build one of these and improve on their design. As I did so, I uncovered a bit of a passion, and now spend most evenings and weekends improving the system.

The machine is now in its third or fourth incarnation and runs at 4-5 times the original speed.

Examples of Past Engravings

Video: Wooden Sign Carving