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Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost to turn my Photo into an Engraving?
The price depends greatly on the size of the engraving, the frame style, and finishing required (oil, stain etc.) You'll need to contact us, and let us know what size you want the engraving to be. We can discuss the finishing details with you, and work out a price.
Can you turn my Logo into a wooden sign?
Almost certainly! If you can provide a good quality JPG file, we can engrave it. Clip art and Line art produce good results, and we can also work from sketched designs, to a certain extent.
I'm not in Auckland, do you ship around the country?
Yes! If you let us know what part of New Zealand you're in, we can get you a postage quote.
How long would it take to complete my engraving?
Presuming it consisted of one panel only, approximately a week. If you need a special job completed quickly, please contact us, and we'll try and work in with you.
I look forward to working with you,

Calum MacLeod
Owner / Operator